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After typing this pm below I thought I would post it here for all to read

It is NOT poetry, it is just what I firmly believe to be the truth...


Hi  ******** yes

We forget how grand it is.

WE also ******* do not always comprehend how much a single press upon a key can destroy a person and indeed now a whole nation.... Fuck maybe even the whole of humanity's existence.

With the power to end life at the tip of a finger.

I see the effects of a single trigger pulled by a finger that does not care or deem to comprehend the consequences of such an action.

Now I can affect your life, the other side of our tiny planet in a heartbeat.

I say tiny because in the grander scale of things we are just a mere speck within an infinite cosmos beyond our wildest imagines.

Poetry you have said   “Cannot change the world” ... indeed you are right.

However, it CAN chance a person’s perspective... and that my friend CAN change the world.

It only takes one person to inspire another to begin a chain reaction of epic proportions.


Here in this microcosm of WOL I see such potential to affect greatly the macrocosm.

All we need is to focus on the right thing, at the right time, by the right person/persons. Together we can change the world mate.

Whilst remaining focused on the same shit, will bring us even more shit, until we all drown in a shitstorm of truly epic proportions.

You have used the phrase "the doomers and gloomers", sometimes we need reminding just how fucked up things have become... AND how simple it is to remedy so many issues that plague us in this ‘modern age.

With one finger we can reverse the effects of many a condition.

FUCK  OFF ---  Just press ‘off’


An Addendum

We are entering a whole new age of information.
Along with this, comes a very dark age of misinformation.

And the untold sadness it will engender and insidiously usher in.

Along with the ability to mind control millions of mindless people who are unaware of just how much their minds ARE being controlled.

Big Brother now has access to the whole planet, as is doing a terrifying surveillance psy-op on Earths inhabitants'

Eyes and ears everywhere... in homes across the World our own Televisions are spying on us. Our 'smart speakers' are permanently eavesdropping on everything everybody is saying.

Our smart phones track us to within a metre anywhere and everywhere we go 24/7. We have been chipped without realising it.
We have freely and willing given up much of our freedom in the name of 'The war on terror'

(Please don't get me started on this one).

The cars we drive can know if we crash, and don't respond via the built in hands-free mic, exactly where to send the emergency services... A good thing says the people who have it. Yes, I might concede this one, as I do!

The huge amount of data mining globally is endemic, it is part of the surveillance state we now find ourselves living in, as we wake up to this ‘New Age’.

We were talking outside in our garden (which is quite large) over 30 metres at lest, away from the house, with no phones on either of us.
We were discussing the plans for some stuff that we want to change this year, which included some additions such as a log cabin, and a hot tub.

As soon as I came indoors and switched on my laptop an email appeared in my inbox trying to sell me ... YEP! A log cabin!

Well that’s quite a coincidence. Oh! How we laughed.

The same day we sat having a coffee and Pat said she wanted a new rotary line. Alexa was ‘off’ her name was never mentioned. Pat receives a message on her smart phone about a great deal on a new rotary clothes line. Crumbs that’s a coincidence!

I will not bother to tell you about any more I would never get off my laptop and on with my day.

Paranoia sets in..... RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Be aware... the world need's ware's!

Sometimes hitting that 'off' button is a waste of f'n time.

Do it anyway!

Get out, walk amongst the trees and the hills and the green green valley's... before the green belt is built upon, to house all the useless eaters who never contribute anything of value, who just eat and consume and pollute.

Oh! and did I say

Have a Happy New Year


5GconsumerismMedia manipulationNWOPoSubliminal programmingTPTB

◄ Ring in the New Year

Washed up upon our shore ►


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Paul Sayer

Fri 3rd Jan 2020 23:23

Mika I am sure I will have more to say.

Trust me "I 'will' be back" said Po stealing an infamous line.

Thank you for all your comments together.

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Fri 3rd Jan 2020 15:46

Po, very true. Time to unplug and live. But please come back and tell us all about it! 😃

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 23:32

Deep wisdom lies beneath Master Po.

And yet.....


And yet don't lose any sleep over it. This New-Age stuff takes a bit of getting used to. Some Aussie has spent years trying to perfect it...

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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 22:15

..."To discorns thance of their the doth and swear to take when hear,
that is no more; for no mome of them?
To die: their to sleep: perchan fled of some of respect that pangs
a bare bourns of die, that pith a sea of?

What Don?
as in WTF

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 22:04

Last year I made two major dabbles into New-Age poetry, as it is starting to be called. As mention has been made of poetry forms here I have done a mini-dabble for our mini-consideration. Read and be blessed. You will notice I have retained a 4-line free-verse style to not too upset the traditionalists among us. Don't want bad vibes.......

To discorns thance of their the doth and swear to take when hear,
that is no more; for no mome of them?
To die: their to sleep: perchan fled of some of respect that pangs
a bare bourns of die, that pith a sea of?

DM 3/1/20 Copyright (heavy penalty applies for borrowing our leader's wisdom Lucy LMS Head of Publicity)


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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 16:57

Jon, Do Mika, afishamongmany thank you for reading this, please feel free to comment.

Just to say... Thank you all for supporting me in 2019


Thu 2nd Jan 2020 16:11

Hey Don and Po, this new year you have given a new conversation style poetry....next generation will be extremely grateful to both of you
Together we can change the world. Poetry to start with....way to go....v shall follow!!

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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 15:27

Don I agree with so much of your comments below.

I know you don't hide behind anonymous pseudo personas

Of course your right to reply is entirely right, and your right alone.

If there is one thing I find abhorrent it is censorship.

That said it is sometimes the best way to get a message across.

of course keep it secret and hidden from the masses!

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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 15:14

Thank you for saying this kJ.

In my defence old friend, I must confess that in truth I don't know what constitutes poetry. I know there are several accepted forms, no need to name them as we see them here daily.

That said, some posters like myself, use simply four line stanzas'. Forming rhyming couplets is easy in my mind.

I find it hard to write poetry that does not rhyme. free verse perhaps some might call it. even with no rhymes at all.

Or just a long preamble with the penultimate line and last rhyming.

I am a Leo, which in layman's terms mean I love the sound of my own voice.... and so it follows my own writing.

You have a great style, I follow several poets here who like you have a great ability to write.

I perhaps need to widen my horizons about how I write.
Which where this place comes in really handy.

I never wish to copy others styles, I am not adverse to nicking others stuff mind... My borrowing (perhaps a more apt word) of The late great Benny Hill's superb ditty at the end of last year for example, is an example.

I seem to have gone a tad verbose... If that's not an oxymoron kJ I don't know what is. LOL


I think I will just invent a new form of poetry for 2020

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 13:50


I have left parts of the 'real' me in because I don't believe in hiding the real me. The reference to 'grand' at the beginning was because I said our messages travelled 10,000 miles in seconds. "Ain't technology grand?' Have I done the right thing commenting my reply? I don't know

You know how I tick and know the right way to take me. You know when I'm being serious, you know when I'm being flippant. No explanations needed to pave the way. Qualities of a good online friend.

I'm still not convinced of this poet chain reaction thing. The general populace just want their takeaway in front of the telly. Wot realty's on tonight luv? Nah forget the culture channel. Don't unnerstand what they go on about. Wot's that luv? It's potree? Nah, give me a bit of sex.....

They're just not interested in poetry. To me it's idealistic to think poets will start a chain reaction. It needs a mass people movement led by a strong leader forcing politicians to do the will of the people. A la Martin Luther King. Poets will just record what happens. History.

Interesting you remember some of my phrases. How 'doom and gloom' rolls around the tongue. Natural extension to doomers and gloomers. My Comic then comes in with 'doomy gloomy'. I have two sides of me which I personify as Serious and Comic. My two children. Comic the young playful one and Serious his older sibling. They get into trouble with the neighbours some times if you get my drift.......

I gotta little button which

On it said 'please press me'

I did what button said to do

And blew me up, gosh gee


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kJ Walker

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 13:04

You said in your intro/preamble that this isn't a poem. I think that it is, in every sense of the word.

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