Ring in the New Year


Turning back the hands of time on this year

I have had times of great sadness, and times of great cheer

Times when I thought, would this day be my last?

When all seemed so futile, when death seemed so near.


In this last year, many a thought raced me by

When in utter despair, I’d break down and cry

Life seemed so fleeting, without purpose or cause

With no time for reflection, and no time for a pause


Till a new birth in the family, life beginning anew

Gone times lost in despair, knowing not what to do

Gone selfish times, thinking only of me,

Then situations of others, I was too blind to see.


The world kept on turning, like the hands on a clock

Each second that passed, each tic and each tock

Like a metronome swaying, yet not keeping time

Like a poem badly written, no meter no rhyme


Staying in unison, when not paying attention

Is like falling from grace, with no apprehension



Metaphorically speaking, like reaching midday

Why ‘gainst thee, O Death! Should I inveigh

That to my quest for poetry, once lost, found my way

So come now 2020,              I’ve still so much to say




◄ The descent into Hades’ and beyond!

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Thu 2nd Jan 2020 17:51

Hi M.C

Your comments are as always most welcomed my friend.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 31st Dec 2019 18:52

Absolutely right for the time of year - as well as a reminder to put the
rest of annual allotted days to good use as we are blessed with each
new year's arrival and the future it represents.
We're with you Po - and hope to be for a good while yet !😊

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Tue 31st Dec 2019 17:53

Tommy thank you for saying.

Blessed Be

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Tue 31st Dec 2019 17:52

Thank you for saying Don

I am looking forward with anticipation to 2020

I will pm you about 'Spike' later mate, in the mean time stay safe and have a very Happy New Year.

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 31st Dec 2019 17:23

Poe fenghe hapu ar qui!

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Don Matthews

Tue 31st Dec 2019 14:27

I do like the rhyming here Po....

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Tue 31st Dec 2019 11:42

Do thank you for your continued support this past year.

It has seemed at times like you were my very shadow...

When like Peter Pan, I felt at times that even my own shadow had forsaken me.

There is an old saying I oft quote:
"Until a man can stand truly alone, he will never reach enlightenment"

I am, I am sure, far far from such an attainment.

You have paid me many a compliment over time Ghaz, and I have tried to pay that debt forward to inspire and uplift you in your hour of need.

My payment has been to watch you grow and shine like a beacon to all of those you touch.

May 2020 bring you closer to Allah and you true souls purpose.
Baraka Allahu fika

بارك الله فيك


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Tue 31st Dec 2019 09:58

Good way to poetically usher the new solar calendar...decade anew, life anew.

Past was a preparation for future, a little hammer, a little blast....all helped make you last, seasons anew, battles anew.

Hero of hope, deeds heroic, intentional or not, was a test to make man strong. A boy turned a super hero, super powers gifted as pass.

Many more words to write.....poem a graphic....imagery so bright.....Po as we know....turned his pen into a mighty sword, of mercy n grace, n protection to keep safe!!

💖 Keep sharing your poems!!!! 💖

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