Bob's wisdom, help me


Out and let

Let it drain down

Down the trail

Dug in from regular use

But no

It's not worth the scar

It's not worth the hurt

In fact

It makes me sick

Thinking it'll hang around past

The closing of the door

I don't want to hate anymore 

I don't want to hate anyone

I just want to feel the relief 

Of never again

Feeling the sting

The sting of your psyche

The manipulation 

The gossiping tripe 

There is no fixing

When you can't see your own

Dangling springs

And burned out gears

And how can I

Judge your mechanics

When I can't even

Fix my own headspace

So please,  please 

Allow this release

Fate don't deny me

Let the poison part from me

It may be cruel

That I can so coldly let go

But I always knew I was cruel 

It is that I fought 

But you wouldn't let go

Trained yourself to hold

Grip until the kill

And that I cannot forgive


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