After the sprouts and Christmas

Pudding, the air is much purer outside,

than within four walls of festiveness

where questions with the eyes are

focused on the dog when really dogs

don’t mind at all, and never know the

meaning of our human words when

flopped against the wall, just cleansing

their anatomy with such dexterity it

beggars our humanoid belief. Let it all

go free – it’s all the same to me, a mere

Hooch who doesn’t mind the blame – I’m

far too busy watching flames atop the

Christmas pudwhich actually looks quite

good, old Fido thinks, and cannot wait to

sink his teeth into those remnant parts.

Parts, parts, parts. What rhymes with

words as highly sophisticated as that?

Old Fido thinks he’ll shoo away the cat

before it gnaws upon a tempting meaty leg.




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Don Matthews

Sat 28th Dec 2019 02:58

Yes, Thalia is a high-class lady. I wouldn't think of involving her in this.

Lucy however is another kettle of fish. I wonder if she is sometimes responsible for graffiti in the womens. Still high-class stuff mind you but brazen, if you get my drift. One of the reasons I employed her as Head of Publicity (among countless of other applications) was her brazenability. My processor is red-lining this Phil. Too bad processor. Makes sense to me. Like it or lump it. It's dingdinging at me Phil. Seems I've upset it.

I think our problem today is we let political correctness govern us. We need to loosen up. Bring back Victorian vaudeville I say. Lucy's asking when's the next show? Thalia's out of earshot


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Fri 27th Dec 2019 23:47

In the days of stage theatre they were even more brazen and used rhyming slang words like Doily Carte. God bless the Victorians whence I think the phrase derived. I don't believe Waltzing Matilda needed to know about sprouts since they came from Brussels originally - and didn't they kick up a pen and ink, especially after over dosing on all those little round cabbages and the Doilies really started to take effect. I see the ladies are keeping out of the way on this one and who could blame them I ask. Thalia would be totally shocked don't you think?

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Don Matthews

Fri 27th Dec 2019 21:51

I looked hard for sophisticated
Word to rhyme with part
And found this beaut word Philipos
We all know it as gart

What? you don't know this? Where have you been all your poetical life?

( AGPgart, a device driver or a kernel module implementing the Graphics address remapping table in certain operating systems)

You can be forgiven for not knowing AGP (Australian GyroPracter) but 'gart'? Truly....)

Even I knew that Eth?

And you only went to kindy.luv....

Miss Bethel taught me that. Forget everything else she said but not gart. Gart will get you through life she said...


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