The beauty of this world is the heart that is in it

Built by experience and not literary princes

The detail of cream cheese and sardines

The love of the living letting live

The learning as set in as meals

The green of the trees in the field

And everything allowed to hang

Drying out of necessity 

The sun down, the moon up

So easy it was to fall in love

What greater art than discovery and forgiveness 

Understanding and loyalty effortlessly given

The heavy from the sorrow of the town

Not knowing if abandonment was true or just unfound

How much does it touch in the psyche 

Seeing the interaction frighteningly 

The nightmares of our everyday 

Everyone commenting to feel they're okay? 

It's always been the way

We grow up and forget the play

Do I have it now

In my hand

And as an adult

It's just not the same

But the feelings are there

They'll never be lost

However far from home

It's always close 


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