Country-wise the boundary is

dictated by a stile where walkers

may pass along the verdant fields

seeing the sheep and lambs in spring

stalked by the hovering hawks, or

perhaps a Griffin vulture, or a grass

snake, awaiting a chance meal before

a plaintiff squeal – or where a pellet

filled with fur and minute bones, might

clue a person in, as to the circumstances

of a previous event, concealed from the

human eye, or what may have occurred

before the passers-by appeared on scene

when frightened creatures became the

fodder of the hawk or predatory birds.

But dog eat dog occurs upon the ground

as well, as soldier ants and likewise forage

round their formicaries where the infant

ants need sustenance of another kind and

worms that wriggle to escape are over-

whelmed and dragged into a nest where the

piece meal of a storming ant fest then begins.

But back inside the Albury church where

choristers rattle off their party piece of

psalms and offer alms to quell their

consciousness of sin – the battle then

begins as who gets to head the queue at

break time afterwards, and scoff the buns

and biscuits that look heaven sent at Lent.

Meanwhile the crafty fox awaits lights out

at the farmer's cottage by the barn before

setting off to play havoc at the chicken

coup and watch the feathers fly.



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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 21:50

Nice one....


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