Government shills

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Government shill’s

Some proclaim, “Our world is about to end!”  At least that is what they say

OMG! Pray tell me, when is it?   Please say it’s not today.

These ‘Doom Mongers’ thrive on fear.  They perpetually death extoll

To anyone who listens’ to these infernal trolls


‘YouTube’ now is rife, with just how we will meet our doom

If you have not come across one yet, believe me, you will soon

Portending our extinction with facts only they could tell

But secrecy has forbade them, this truthfully is Hell


“How can I keep quiet?” they say, befriending many a gullible soul

New channels popping up each day. Go and have a scroll

Type this into Google… ‘Planet X’ or maybe ‘Wormwood’

Its a good place to start, and littered with such falsehood


Perhaps there is a grain of truth, hidden in plain sight

Like ‘Chemtrails’ being sprayed, every day and night

The doomsayers proclaim their hiding, above these fabricated clouds

This massive huge ‘brown dwarf’ their spraying now enshrouds


Just who are the ‘They’ well you can Google them as well

It’s the ‘Rothschild’s’ and the ‘Bilderberg’s’ and ‘The illuminates’ cartels

The eye of Horus watching on, to blind you from the truth

Hidden where you can’t find them, however good a sleuth


‘H A R R P’ some say is beaming all across our globe

Frequencies so insidious your brain is sure to explode

I’m not saying these are fictional, I’m certain they all exist

However, looking back in time till now, the rumours still persist  


I could go on for pages extolling seekers of the truth

The truth is nothing changes, regardless of poll booths

For the real power mongers never change, in fact they never will

And never will… until we stand, against these government shill’s


Following on so blindly, frozen by their fear

Spewing out each second with every ‘truth’, they share

‘Seek and you will find’ a phrase that is well worn 

Honestly for God’s sake…  stop watching their fear porn



Wake up to the truth

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Fri 20th Dec 2019 14:54

How little the world much more to explore.....even after the discoveries made, not many believe.....power mongers corrupting the earth.....eating up everything....creating havoc

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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Dec 2019 05:09

Gosh Eth, Po's come on strong with this one.....

God shouldn't be cavorting with angels on production day. Puts the fear of God into everyone......

Yes luv, an angel-cavort cost you a few neurons......

Neurons? Don't even think of asking ......

We need to Goggle trolls, shiils Eth... Po's edu-fancy word lose me.....

Eth?.....Janet's now blip...blipping Don.... wants to know what these ‘H A R R P' beams she's coming across in her spaceship are. Are they dangerous?

I think we've added enough well-thought out comments to Po's poem luv. Time for your nap. Don't want to over-tax what little there is of your brain do we?......



You are certainly stimulating my friends Po. Thankyou again. Remember they are a little 'past it' so take what they say with a grain of salt. It makes them happy. We will be like them one day........

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