social call


The social call

I had met him at meetings several times

He decided to drive to my house which is in the countryside.

I didn’t invite him to the living room, but into my study

Where I sat in my chair with a computer in front of me.

He sat in the only chair away from my desk and the chair

 it was narrow and hard.

We spoke of this and that, no direct eye contact

And I didn’t offer him coffee, I wasn’t sure why maybe

Because I was shy about not being used to visitors.

After some time, he felt uncomfortable; I looked at the computer

Got up to show him the door out.

I was courteous explained the best way to drive back to town

I was busy writing on that day, not that he cared about my output,

 either that or he didn’t like me.

An intrusion into my sanctuary, he never visited again

Although we spoke briefly on the phone when he was

Going back to Florida.

I sent him my book. I don’t think he thought much about it.

Sent me an email that reads:” thank you for the book.”


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