Skin is wearing thin

Homo sapiens have out grown their use. Billions

Long in the tooth but not sharp at all

They snarl at each other

As they queue in the supermarket

For the bargains.

Humans defame the dignity. 

Of the wild animals

They abuse, flay alive, eat.

Monkeys, lions, gazelle.

Any living thing

Is worth more.

Homo sapiens have no shame

They seek to inflame each other

By their diseased behaviour

Discourage the pale decencies

Of life. Their stupidity enrages me.

They spit, fart, masturbate.

Massacre the innocents

Delight in petty conquests

Full of greed and cowardice

In their refusal to welcome risk

Boast in their obesity

Are terrified of death

Admire their own reflections in glass or earth;

Never sink into a sunset nor rise to a sunrise

Do not read the signs or signals of our lives.

They laugh mockinglyly at children's innocence,

Condemn the naive, the gentle, the forgetful, the weak.

Have no awareness

Of all the misplaced series of broken, tender things

That make life what it is. 


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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 00:51

"Have no awareness

Of all the misplaced series of broken, tender things

That make life what it is"

But poets do John......

But sadly poets won't change the world.....

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Fri 20th Dec 2019 23:28

But then again there is poetry, music, art, compassion, love...all redeeming qualities to our dark, inadequate nature.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 16th Dec 2019 22:02

What a lonely existence without these plebs John.

Death follows us all, however fast we run it overtakes us all in the end

Death will have to slow down so much to catch me up.

Sad and true in equal measures your words are.

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 15th Dec 2019 22:55

It's so true, we are the stupidest intelligent creature I know of.

J. x

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