X-ray Specs

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Every second Friday

my wife and I have sex

I wear my Batman costume

She wears her x-ray specs


My wife makes all the running

I do as she directs

When things get really steamy

she removes the x-ray specs


I tell her that I love her

it's not all about the sex

but she can see right through me

I curse those x-ray specs!

◄ Acid Rain Was All The Rage

Christmas Lunch ►


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Jon Stainsby

Fri 3rd Jan 2020 13:08


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Brian Maryon

Sun 29th Dec 2019 14:44

Thanks Jeff, and for Christmas Lunch.

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 29th Dec 2019 11:29

Nice one Brian, made me smile! thanks for reading Rise Again and trying to make me feel better 😃 It's something we will never know, sadly. I would have my reservations about Ms Abbott, and I get why people have doubts about Mr Corbyn, but he has his qualities as does McDonnell, one of the very few politicians who will actually answer a question or apologise for things! Interesting times ahead, and thanks again, sll the best Jeff 😃

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Brian Maryon

Sat 14th Dec 2019 08:36

Thanks Kage!

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kJ Walker

Sat 14th Dec 2019 07:39

Very funny.

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Brian Maryon

Sat 14th Dec 2019 07:33

Thanks Poemographic

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Paul Sayer

Fri 13th Dec 2019 17:20

Coffee everywhere!!!!!

I think I need to change my pants as well.

Great piece of comedy poetry,


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Brian Maryon

Fri 13th Dec 2019 16:45

Thanks for your likes Tom and Dorothy.

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