Memory brings on a subtle change

the brain slows down apace and

curious people stare you in the face -

aversion sometimes written on their

frown when they step around you in

malls or market places – as if those

squalls and ravages of time may issue

forth contagion of a likewise malady

In getting older by the live long day.

Babes inside their carriages might seek

your ready grin, and return spontaneously

your goo goo look to smiling pool like eyes.

Plus cats, don’t care how old you are and

rub themselves against your lower leg as if

to proud to beg, but let you know they are

there, in ready purrs – as in Moggie speak

deigns to mean they really care for you.

Perhaps I like the doggies best – the ones

with waggy tails, and cheeky looks upon

their wet nose face – those that know

the ‘watch-me-look’ and flat pack on the

kitchen floor with mischief written all

across their smiling wet nosed eager face.

Although Mother kept a budgerigar once

which fed on millet through the cage and

to Mum it was her joy and pride – as on

occasion it was released and flew around,

until it bashed against a kitchen window

and never made another living sound.



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