A Letter to Your Grave

Mind's clouded with disbelief
Eyes raining with tears
I can't laugh

Mem'ries are vivid clear
I met you in another world,
A man-made world

Everyday waiting for the screen to light up
For you to hit me up
And talk all night long

Because we board the same boat
As we read the same book,
Fandoms never different

We board the same boat
In two diff'rent countries
Like we were in a parallel universe

My heart grows close to you
But was never close physically
For you live across the globe

Wishing I was either there with you, or you here with me
To carve your laughter
And in mind will jot down every fear

But impossible is when I wanted to know you
Without distance barrier
Wishing I was there or you are here

And love, we're limited to promises
Said we'll meet each other
Someday in our year

To talk about Sangster,
Love more Harry Potter,
Read together Jane Eyre

One day my screen stopped showing your name
When you finally rest on your way home
From a disease I knew not

2018 wasn't your year,
I lost you in thin air


I dedicate to you
Sweet name of Geter

Soul sister dear,
This body misses you since forever
Along the flowing river

I'll forget you not and remember
The India dweller
Stronger than any man I met

To you I apologize,
Time spent not checking up on you,
Words I should have sent and asked

Thinking I knew you
Without parts you wish not to show
When I should've unfolded more

Perhaps in another world,
Another time,
In your position I lied

Brought with me your words
"I'm always with you"
Saying my lasts, "So do I"

My mind's clouded with disbelief
Eyes raining with tears
"Wake me up when September ends"

For I wanted winter
For this cold melancholic heart
Longing to talk and bid you good-bye for one last time

Now you've reached your endline
Wondering, when would be mine?
So I could meet you in a world built not by man

Days passed,
I long for those hands I never held
For I am falling apart

Weeks passed,
I still miss you
Longing for your warm presence I never once felt

Soul sister dear,
My weeks stretched to months
Moments fading to distant memories

Soul sister dear,
For you I still cry
Whenever these waves of flashbacks would hit my mind's shore

Soul sister dear,
I will see you in the stars
Healing these scars

For every drop of tear,
Words on the paper,
You are everywhere

death loss friend

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Paul Sayer

Fri 13th Dec 2019 21:24

Welcome to WOL Darlene.

Some great lines in this.

Looking forward to reading more from you

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