Everyone Has Their Thoughts and Comments

Well now I've calmed and I'm not so flustered

I can begin to let live the emotions in me

All of them arguing unsure of their posture

All of them mad that they weren't stronger for me

And what can I offer but this list of grace

That I am where I want and in my place

In my eyes I've kept the mirrored hell

And now it's out and about and making well

So what do I have that means anything at all

The most important things 

Plus the knocked down wall

And what can I do now I see how to steer?

It's what can I be

I can be, my dear

Little Johnny Everything

He could do most anything

And I can think a thing and dream

And all those dreams can whistle clean 

And here I am and I have content

Something that feels strange amidst

All my certainties that I would darken

Deepen in to the cave

But instead I find there is still

Another and another

And another day 


◄ Weapons of War


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