A party fit for a Prince

A party fit for a Prince

The taste is bitter sweet as my laughter turns to tears

We mocked and derided their misfortunes, didn’t give a care

In the hearth a fire was burning, warming all who drew near

Many gathered to drink a glass, of wine, spirits and of beer.


Food there was a plenty, many a dish and course

We scoffed till all were full, had expletive filled discourse.  

Slurped and spattered as we ranted, about the poor soul’s plight

On and on we blustered, long into the night


The entertainment titillated, scantily clad and young

We sang along to chart hits, drunkenly we sung

Knowing soon the time would come to partner up for fun

And slowly and most surely, it happened one by one


Or one by two, if you fancied, either sex or both

Looking round now most I saw, were certainly unclothed

The lights grew dimmer, music softer, played upon the ear

But in those eyes, I can’t forget, that dreaded look of fear


Like a colossal Roman orgy, bodies writhing and entwined

Performing every perverted act, debasing humankind.

Grown men behaving like demons, one and all possessed

Summed by the Devil, doing all his bidding, doing his behest


Drugs of every kind, we were encouraged to partake

We sold our souls to the devil, and all the Gods forsake

Things started to get violent, cries and screams rang out loud

Subjugated, dominated, terrified boys and girls... all cowed



Promised riches, perfumes, anything. Cloths beyond compare.

Or drugs, whatever it was they needed, to get them gathered here.

Intoxicated on liquor, flattery, and drug highs, imbued and obedient

A coagulation of juices, vital fluids, from these victims inexpedience


Sold out to the devil

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Mon 9th Dec 2019 07:56

Hi Vawtaw

Thanks for reading this... A topic that is best not to dwell on.

It's all in a days work. Thankfully not everyday. (for me).



Sun 8th Dec 2019 21:40


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Sun 8th Dec 2019 21:35

I got your PM Do.

Thanks for following


Sun 8th Dec 2019 21:24

Second reading: 😐

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Sun 8th Dec 2019 16:58


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Sat 7th Dec 2019 17:57

Thank you so much for commenting on this.

As you say a "A terrible abuse."

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 7th Dec 2019 17:45

Great work, Po. A terrible abuse of power.

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Fri 6th Dec 2019 21:23

Don you said... " Shockingly good."

It was written to shock mate

Some things just aren't funny.

I can't comment on your last comment.


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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Dec 2019 21:00

Golly gosh! you lucky sod
I didn't have these joys
When I was just a lad in jeans
To titillate with toys

What's that Do?.....

I might need to re-read the poem?.....

Just did Po. Shockingly good. Your rhyme tuition's coming on nicely....


Duh....just realised the Prince you are talking about....

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Fri 6th Dec 2019 20:21

Errr. You might want to re-Read the poem Do


Fri 6th Dec 2019 17:39

Hope you had fun 💕

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