I see you staring into space

what is it you are thinking?

Just wondering what it’s like

when humankind discovers

other forms of life on Mars

You sound quite sure that

one day, we will – then what?

I am trying to imagine what

nourishment might keep them

alive, makes them thrive that

sort of thing – will they want

to mate with earthling types

and vice versa –could be quite

important in the wider scheme

of future things to come our way.

You and your ideas on copulation.

The Dons get very excited about it

don’t you know – it makes their faces

come alive when discussing it – they

glow with pride to be a part of it.

I wonder if they brush their teeth!

Who the Dons you mean? Of course.

No you nerd – the little Green men

and girls – who swirl about in mist and

fog – and do they pet their dogs and cats.

Perhaps one day sooner you think we’ll

know – and hopefully before our Earthly

Mother sets aglow those forest flames.

Yes - such a shame those smoking fires.




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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Dec 2019 14:55

Them 'stains' upon my bedsheet
A pattern they do form
Were there when mummy bought them
They keep me nice and warm

The bedsheets.....

The pattern does look lovely
The printers called it Stain
Many people buy them
(Another sheet's called Rain)

But I didn't like this pattern. I liked Stain.

I have a nice mummy......


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Paul Sayer

Fri 6th Dec 2019 13:52

If you dropped in to check us out, would you really want to mingle your DNA with the likes of us.... Some have tried that already. Look at the mess that that caused last time!

Quick ad while I'm here:
If you would like your DNA mapped just drop me a line and I'll send you the kit.

Handy to check if those sprogs really do come from your lions.

Also if you are in a quandary about those stains on your bed sheets I can confirm or deny who left them... Just doing my job Mam, just doing my job.

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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Dec 2019 07:50

Conversing with a thinker
About what lies on Mars
Are there life-forms out there
Many miles afar?

Thinker thinks of copulation
Melding us with them
Will we even want to
Do they have male/fem?

Both thinker and converser
Reflect with some concern
About the smoke and forest fires
Around them which do burn......

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