Mediocre poets

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Mediocre poets


I’m surrounded by mediocrity

I can’t find no harmony.

No rhyming couplets, stanza’s in time.

Just jangled words are all I find


Like a juggernaut, In a sports car’s domain

Each one unique, superb, sublime

Jumbling along, trundling behind

A laurel wreath will not be mine


Upon the podium wordsmiths’ stand

Champagne in hand, they sound so grand

Adoring ears absorb their couplets

Cheering, admirations’...   I’m so upset.


“I can’t find no satisfaction”

To quote the ‘Rolling Stones’

and end my redaction.




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Paul Sayer

Fri 6th Dec 2019 13:23

Good plan Do.

That link you posted was a good place to start.

I will have to find the time to improve.


Fri 6th Dec 2019 01:43

You can start today
Take a lesson each day
Perfecting you and us
With efforts put by all
We can make a difference
Writing poems pleasing to ears
With depth and tales to relate
Let's get to the start
Pen, paper and our lovely art

Good one Po!!

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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Dec 2019 21:43

When I get up and have a look
At what, you, Po, have writ
The rest of you have said your bit
All I can say is, shit!

It's the rotation of the planet Don....

Oh? that why?

I like to have first say in things
Jump in like the tide
But Randy's done gone beat me here
(I still bit sleepy-eyed)

Your comments they inspire me
Give me fodder, food
Rhyming makes the world go round
Puts us in good mood


Yes pet....

Wot's 'e mean rhymin' makes the world go round?

There's a rhyming machine below us pet chugging away 24/7 so we can turn...

You're a walking encyclopedia luv..

Encyclo what? what's that?.....


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Paul Sayer

Thu 5th Dec 2019 20:45

I am loving this post.

I really needed a bit of fun and you guys have made my night.

M.C. Great to see you posting on anything I write.

d. You make such a huge contribution to other writers here at WOL

Sometimes we forget how fragile some poets are I feel

I am not great at punctuation like you guys.

I perhaps should have put a full stop after are. above.
Then it might look like I have not finished my next sentence.
"I feel" is the whole sentence.

I need to go back to school
and stop writing like a fool


Thu 5th Dec 2019 20:27

who makes the call?
the Kettle black
could be us all.
Criticism comes
we hit a wall,
why write poems which
on deaf ears fall.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 5th Dec 2019 20:25

I wonder if the likes of Aristotle ever had occasion to turn to anyone
and say "Now you're talking my language"! Meanwhile, it's all Greek to me. 😎

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Paul Sayer

Thu 5th Dec 2019 18:17

Randy, Randy you are so right
The adverts on the tele tonight
had some lines that almost rhymed
They sounded crap, compared to mine

You my friend have lifted my dilemma
I must keep writing and enjoy my epicheirema

In Book VII of his "Topics", Aristotle says that an "epicheirema" is "a dialectical syllogism.

Who knew

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Randy Horton

Thu 5th Dec 2019 17:44

We need more rhymes
in these troubled times.
What would the world do
If it didn't have you? 😀

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