Where have all the poets gone?

Was it something that I said?

Where have all the poets gone?

I’ve so much more to be read

Where have all the poets gone?

My poems are awful funny

Where have all the poets gone?

There’s none to be found, not for love nor money.


Well, when I say my poems are awful funny

I meant, just awful really


The truth has sadly dawned

I'm crap at writing rhymes

I guess I’m going to need

To find a new pastime.



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Thu 5th Dec 2019 17:14

V it comes to us all I guess every now and again....

Don I have just written another one... Watch out it for guys

What a supportive little band here at WOL

Thanks peeps

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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Dec 2019 12:10

My Thalia she don't like shit
(She's lady- calls it poo)
She's lady-like like you Vautaw
And calls it poo, like you

Howm'y doing Po?

Higher, higher, aim your rhyme
(Make sure don't lose target)
What rhymes with target ( shit help me Thale!)
Let's all go to the market

Can always depend on Muse to pull you through the shit, sorry poo, V........

Notice my steps got wobbly at end Po, but good old (young, sorry Thale) Thale steadied them for me. You gotta have a rock-like Muse as a poet Po. Didn't they teach you that at the How-To-Be-A Poet School (for adults)?.......

Hey? Don't fall asleep on me Thale.

Too much Earl Grey. That's her problem Po.......


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Thu 5th Dec 2019 02:06

Oh Po how well I know about impostor syndrome. All we can do is write through the poo and trust our muse will come to❣️

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Wed 4th Dec 2019 23:50

I am aiming to aim higher but the steps fell over.... with me on um!

John and Don... hey! that rhymes perhaps I am a poet after all.

Thanks guys


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John Coopey

Wed 4th Dec 2019 23:13

Never give up, Po. All of us think this from time to time.

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Don Matthews

Wed 4th Dec 2019 22:01

Dear Anon I hope you're
Joking when you say
Your rhyming's not-fun, shitty-like
Hodee hodee hay

I know it's not Po writing here
Cos you have signed Anon
Was it someone we all know
Called John or Ron or Don ?

Whoever's writing this Po
Is writing shitty crap
He needs to lift his rhyming game
A higher plane to tap



Wed 4th Dec 2019 17:43

No you write really well. Who told you?
Your poems are serious and funny
Sometimes the truth ain't what eyes see
It could be to hide truth or dodge the enemy
Trust your love and your friend poets
They are here for you and write for them
Do not fall into the trap of satan
Misguiding you and spoiling your labour
Giving up on your strivings, destroying your harvest

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