when in need

When in need


After getting lost in a rotating door

I got into a vast foyer couldn’t find the loo

Peed behind a big plant hoped people would

Think I was a Christmas decoration


The fountain of youth lasts long after

Sex, a memory that had nothing to do with me.


I was told to leave by the porter and around

The rotating door he ended up outside

I was inside he was confused I had a beer at the bar.

Older men pee when it is needed, and that is that.


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 20:43

A chuckle of recognition is deserved from those of a certain age. 😊
I loved the in-head visual of the pee-er and the peerer changing
positions via a revolving door. Shades of a Laurel and Hardy movie.

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