climatic modificatiom

Climatic modification


No one believes it has anything to do with then

Ok, a small island has disappeared

But that was far away it can’t happen here.

We drink plenty of water, the medical profession

Tells us it is good

Until there is no potable water left to drink.

Mind, we can drink water were the elephants

Have bathers, a bit muddy perhaps, providing there

Are elephants left?

Some places will have too much salty water

What is left of England will be a ruined castle sticking

up from, the water like a reminder of a glorious past

when the poor didn’t use water, the EU is in

full disarray fighting for every little trickle of a lake.

No one believes this it can happen here.

Cow milk is out, died of lack of grass and water.

It can’t happen here, or can it?


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Don Matthews

Sat 30th Nov 2019 21:36

Man is contributing to negative climate changes. Wake up and do something about it.....

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Paul Sayer

Sat 30th Nov 2019 18:18

The questions we all should be asking Jan.

Chilling read from a concerned poet in Albion

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