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The Creator


Lately, I think it has to do with ageing

have been thinking of religions, one can say

Exploring them for the best option, they all fail miserably

To the point, I will call organized faith humbug.

The idea that someone has the key to the truth and

If you don’t believe for them, you will go to hell.

My contempt for religions in all its form is contempt

And assault on people’s intelligence.

We know now there are other, planet somewhere

Not unlike our and if they are human life with the same

The problem, should we ever get to one of them it would

Be like coming home.

I can believe in a creator of this, call It god if you like

But if the creator has not any conscious thoughts the idea

Becomes meaningless.

Yet, religions have always been their peoples in the deep

Forest of the Amazon had one, the believed in nature

In trees, flowers and animals in what they see and hear.

The missionaries came and preached their god as the only

True faith and by doing so destroyed the fabric of what

They had believed.

I don’t know how the universe came into being it is an enigma

that has little to do with the right sort of god.

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Paul Sayer

Fri 29th Nov 2019 18:18

Bravo Jan!

I wonder, how many WOLers ,will think I am being duplicitous after reading a few of my blogs.

I really enjoyed reading your poem and fully concur Jan.


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