the war we started

The war we started

I’m the few people alive during the German war against Norway,

But all told, it was a football game compared what’s coming

And the children will suffer cruelly in a world is burning and

There escape from sea, land or mountains tops, there will be

Few children who will survive not enough to blame us for

The hell we unleashed. The adults who protested were either

Ignored, shot or ended up in long term incarceration for daring 

To warn and tell the truth.

The guilty of this mayhem those who think they can survive

Will find themselves slowly roasted in their caves, calling upon

A god will not help them these killers of the future leaving

 the children nothing of worth to leave for the light has gone

out when our plant is emptier than an eggshell


◄ Doctor Lunde

the creator ►


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