Bread and butter.

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Earning a crust.
Pulling plastic from dust.
Just a mountain of poo
Rather them than you?

Two small boys dressed in tatters.
A fourteen-hour stint is all that matters.
To earn a few pennies....
Keeping hope for their families.

Day after day.
Does it really have to be this way?
In a world of technology.
Don’t you find it rather extraordinary?

That the lifestyle so many enjoy.
Is so far removed from a third world boy.
This season of goodwill to men.
Will anyone remember them?

An envelope delivered asking for cash.
Hoping to prick a conscience, get to your stash.
Send a cheque a dollar or two.
Go on it’s the right thing to do.

Sooner or later it’ll all be forgotten. 
Losing yourself at Christmas, being spoilt rotten.
Across the miles though the search goes on.
An abject scene that can only be wrong.
Little hands covered in dirt and cuts.
Ignorant of politics, the men with fat guts.

For them, just toil and grime.
A modern-day disgrace, a fucking crime.
We’ll sleep easy tonight, away from their fear.
Working for hours, the dust hides a small tear.




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Don Matthews

Fri 22nd Nov 2019 10:13

Brian makes a logical point. It all depends on what one decides to spend available cash on. Certain actions produce certain outcomes

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Brian Maryon

Thu 21st Nov 2019 22:49

The picture is clearly a child from a third world country. I don't condone it, but Po has gone off at a tangent to talk about child poverty in the UK.

Poverty is not what it was. Families can be in identical circumstances but whilst one decides to focus on their family above everything else, the other decides to spend their available cash on expensive gadgets takeaways, scratchcards, drink, cigarettes, etc etc....then take a trip to the food bank in their SUV. I see it all the time.

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Robert holyland

Thu 21st Nov 2019 20:33

Respect and thanks po and Do.

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Thu 21st Nov 2019 19:52

Greenpeace have a great slogan...

Think Global... act local.

If everybody did this the world would be a far better place.

Your poem is brilliant Robert, I do not wish to detract from your words

However the number of children living below the breadline here in the UK is staggering. Many family's are living well below the 'breadline'
Without foodbanks thousands would be in deep doo doo!

Sending a few coppers to help these poor unfortunates is not going to help their plight.

What is the answer? WELL perhaps the first step is, getting folk to ask that question. If we are seeking the answer to a question, we have to ask the question.

This poem should make people think, in that sense it serves the purpose well.

I remember, when I was a kid, going round with a home made cart
collecting newspapers from homes in the neighbourhood and taking them to the 'rag and bone man' and getting a few coppers for a whole weekends work. Three pence, a 'threepenny bit' in those days would buy a Cabury's finger of fudge... Just enough to give the kids a treat!

We live a in whole different world now.
These children are sifting this stuff to stay alive... No treats ever for them 😥


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Thu 21st Nov 2019 11:49

Rag pickers tale. It's their bread 🍞 n butter and for us it's only garbage. There are plentiful sights of the plight narrated in south east asian countries. Many write 📝 articles n there are child 👶 labour laws but nothing seems to work in their favour.

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