Esoteric doctrines

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I watched as others posted

Poetry oh! So grand

Much better and much wiser

Stuff people could understand


Mines sometimes esoteric

For maybe, just one or two

About topics that are hidden

And mostly out of view


Esoteric doctrines

About occult and arcane stuff

Giving metaphysical indigestion

I dear say a few have had enough


Who would want to read

These simple rhymes I write?

I wonder why I compose

These mysterious poems I write.



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Paul Sayer

Sun 24th Nov 2019 14:33

Jon, Vautaw, New shoes, Robert, I am so pleased that you have all taken the time to read my words.

Often, I spend time anguishing over a poem to finish it, and read it through and wondering to myself if people will even read it... What is the point in writing poetry, if it stays hidden between the covers of a book, or displayed upon a screen that is never clicked on?

We all have something to say/write. I believe the reason we write, is not for any accolade, rather just to know that we are not a voice unexpressed, unheeded.

So thank you for your continued support and encouragement edging me on.


Thu 21st Nov 2019 11:44

I agree with you Po. Only if ppl who follow blindly have sense to use their vision properly. Generally ppl lack patience n they panic n then they hopelessly fall into easy means of getting out of their problems and then u have some useless lazy creatures ambushed preying on n nabbing the passers-by.... Caution ⚠ is the ↪ word.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 20th Nov 2019 22:00

Sad but true Do.

Let those with the eyes to see....

Most so called 'occult/esoteric' books are exoteric.

That is to say for general consumption. Hood-winked and deceived by the mere words 'occult' and 'esoteric' to entice the reader to part with their hard earned cash, and fill them full of the same old same old teachings, with one purpose, to mislead and deceive or to gain a follower on their path to oblivion.



Wed 20th Nov 2019 21:47

There are traps set worldwide
In which people fall all sides
Unrealizingly or unintentionally
But these traps are openly disguised
Much of these are open secrets
Little is there that is hidden
They confide to theiir occultist
Only to kill them later for their retreat
Nice way to pen down secrets
Much of it never gets revealed
People who value them read well
Others just read only to obliterate

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