What can I say it's all been said
We cant punish saville
Saville is dead
The truth is erupting,its about time
Active miracles intervention Devine
Too many secrets kept for too long
Information they kept , they knew it was wrong
So wrong
So obviously disturbingly wrong
And why? if the law then.. was the same
Did nobody speak, just to forsake his name

The Devil him self reverse trickery
So we were tricked...then how thick are we

And the ones left behind who saw with there eyes
Heard with thier ears the victims their cries

And not one carer or nurse then detected
This walking disease perthetic infected
The darkness disguised in charitable deed
Vulnerable adults and children in need

Why did they wait ? Now the monster has burnt
Oh so shocked
A lesson learnt

And there is witnesses summoned to silence
Overpowered by fame.. sugar coat violence
Even I, as a child I could clearly see
Jim Couldnt fix it..that creepy creep on our TV

With so many fans, attraction world wide
He couldnt fool me..darkness cant hide

You also can not hide
Knowing what you know, shrinking inside

If you had part in abuse even knowing
The chances are.. life is seemingly glowing
One monster deceased so the case is closed
You are about to be, grossly exposed
Happily married? Forgot about the past
It's back to haunt you happening fast
Abuse Pedophilia terrorism
Roaming our streets no room in prison
The system is a joke so we've started our own
Innocent inn mates it's time to come home

Jailed for years for distributing weed
Survival for some at the worst maybe greed
The cost of such crime hahaha "crime"
Preditors freedom for the good do their time.

Iv said it before how light travels fast
Leaving such darkness a thing of the past

Now as I write this I call upon love
To the others like me seeing signs from above
To those who awakened,awakening others
Light attracts light my sisters and brothers

You know who you are ,feeling the changes
Life cleansing friends eliminate dangers
Unchangeable beings who's eyes are closed shut
Awaken in time ,for now leave them put

For them you will see, you cant make them unhollow
When God calls to light up their paths they will follow
Your plate shall be full to extent you can handle
In receipt of ignition and non melting candle
You will know
You will definitely know.

Go with the heart as signs fill your track
If you lose your way let love bring you back

And love is the answer
Theres so much love
It's the currency of the spirit
Remember that
Fellow light workers
Drawn to eachother
Magnetic oh highest
Together we shine
Intervention Devine.

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