Always waiting

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Popularity means fuck all.
It doesn’t matter if we all die.
In looking for the truth.
A truth that doesn’t sound as true as it used to.
And, it’s just a case of wait and see.
No one knows and no one dares.
Waiting for the hour. The final hour.
The last gut-wrenching hour.

Clenching teeth and holding your breath. 
Praying that the time will pass you by.
A vision of ugly tattooed on your soul.
By the way it’s just a shit stinking hole.
You say “please not me!”
Falling down drowned by transgressions.
No life, no energy, no expressions.
Always wanting for the day to cave in.
Blowing your mind......
Strapped to the hurts of superficial love.
Kicking and punching......screaming at walls.
Longing for the end and much, much more.
Always waiting for the end.

Never ending misery on an industrial scale.
The happy people are so, so funny. They live in denial in the name of positivity.
It’s all utter bullshit. Their rantings mean nothing.
Freedom runs like a scared child.
Afraid of the dark and the monsters therein.
Bound forever to a generational fear.
Get away from here....
You say “please not me!”
Waiting for the end...
Always waiting for the end.


◄ One Hundred Years

Dreams it seems. ►


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Tue 19th Nov 2019 22:43

Yeah! GO R

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Robert holyland

Tue 19th Nov 2019 19:10

👍 part 2. A work in progress. R.

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Tue 19th Nov 2019 18:52

Next few verses, tell um how to avoid this shit!

I felt like these verses are still within your mind awaiting release.

I can't wait to read them Robert... (Well I can because, all good things come to those who wait Mate! 😉


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