Love Is Nameless And Yet Named

I jumped into the consciousness of a thousand gassed humans just to taste the wine of their expirations.

I may of already written this before online. But why was Loki depressed? 

Don Quixote, Roccinante and Sancho Panzer a family familiar. Don't die oh sweet Knight of the sad face. There is a point where separations cease. You believed the words but not the truth. 

A line of awareness with two dots seen through mystic still motion they are united and separate:   

° I ° 

( The dots should be visualised at the middle of the line. The space in which they are imagined is 4 dimensional. It allows movement and stillness to coexist.) 


I have erased apologies. I will no longer languish in the light of sorryness. I need no forgiveness I only eat convictions.

Aphorisms fragments

◄ Black eyed Robin of the midnight Walnut tree

A work of progress. Title: Pending ►


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