No Star Wars fought nor Jeddites come to call

it is Wisteria that i think upon as autumn falls and

how the ants and bees had held me in their thrall.

And as I curl up now beside the fire and place my

feet upon the ottoman – I scan the family pictures

and nostalgically recall those yester times and kids

when younger then, their liking for the nursery rhymes

who sitting in their playpen, burbled on, whilst we

the adults sat upon our family monarch thrones,

trying to make sense of all their gurgle-speak

warming milk up for their evening nourishment

and trying on new booties when they walked.

Of course one day they shuffled off but visited

with newly married mates – who widened as they

grew in size and then would multiply and fortify

the clan. Sometimes I look towards the sky

wondering how the firmament and life began.

And so it is that life for some moves on when

destined for a college Don perhaps, as may

occur, as fervent prayers are said by them

when looking to the distant Galaxies on clearer

nights. Dream on, Dream on, an old Don once

opined and be enshrined in worth – for to them

who seek a miracle, a miracle will surely come

and they will hold the heavens in their grip, as

slip trails in new planetary worlds adopt their name

and Jodrell Bank shall fast tack them to fame.




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Hannah Collins

Mon 18th Nov 2019 21:13

Amazing writing.


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