Grenfell Tower

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Grenfell Tower

Something stinks about this sacrificial affair 

This burning stench, will not disappear

It was not just the tower, incinerated that day

Hundreds paying homage, to Ramadan, prayed


Many Muslims died, in that pyre of a fire

Some told exact numbers, best not to enquire

On their holiest month, as Muslims gathered

The worlds media lied, and continually blathered


Sifting through the carcass, dark and skeletal

I became ever more, and more ever sceptical 

In floors piled with ash, and innumerable remains

My averseness' to disclose, in this malancholy quatrain


Grenfell Tower as a monument will endure

Within the charred shape, of that burned out quadrature  

Seared in to my memory of those who lived there

Gone but not forgotten, what these poor souls endured.




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Paul Sayer

Sat 30th Nov 2019 00:33

Jennifer the cladding was to make the tower block look easy on the eyes for the Oligarch's... This is the richest plot of land on the planet.
Full of millionaires and billionaires who seek to cleanse the area to rebuild homes for the mega rich in the city London.

Celotex were awarded contracts by our Government, knowing full well the dangers of using this type of cladding. It covers hundreds of buildings not just here in England.

Other high-rise buildings have suffered a similar fate in cities across the globe. Hospitals, schools, and public buildings here in the UK are still clad with this. and dispute the promises from TPTB nothing is being done to prevent this happening again.

A very simple inexpensive sprinkler system could have helped save lives here, and in other blocks in close proximity to Grenfell. Whose residents now live in fear.

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jennifer Malden

Sat 30th Nov 2019 00:03

I didn't know there was something fishy about so many people being found together, or that there were a lot more people there than usual, because of Ramadan. I still can't understand why the building had been 'refurbished' with cladding that just went up like a torch so quickly that it was impossible to get out. There was a young Italian couple killed there too - they had come to London together only a short time before. It's incredible that they used material that was so easily ignited. Really heartfelt piece. May they rest in peace.

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Paul Sayer

Fri 29th Nov 2019 22:30

Hamzah You have the power to reach the youth...
Your lessons, well learnt, are not just for you alone my friend.

Listen to the leaders words and hear the lies they tell
Touch each other and feel the truth.


This is the power you/we wield

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Paul Sayer

Fri 29th Nov 2019 22:19

Thank you Hamzah


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Hamzah Aslam

Fri 29th Nov 2019 22:13



I'm lost for words.....

Genuinely am.

I salute you!!

God bless the dead.

God to bestow many and more blessings upon you!!!

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Paul Sayer

Sun 24th Nov 2019 14:43

Jon thank you for taking the time to read/watch this heartfelt piece.

Myself, and my fellow work colleagues, anguished for many a month, waiting for the results of hours and hours of painstaking forensic work.

If only we could un-see, the images imprinted deep within each one of us.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 17th Nov 2019 19:23

Did you watch the video?

This is just a tiny fragment of the stuff I have written on this debacle.

The reason I have cast doubts on the numbers is exactly because of the numbers of people congregated there on that day for a religious celebration.
The numbers do not add up. Over 40 bodies in just one single room!

As you say, the stay put policy would have been, under 'normal' circumstances the correct call.

The LFB are not the ones at fault here!

The Government is greatly to blame...
Research the contracts with 'Celotex' The cladding used for this and hundreds of other public buildings and hospitals and schools.

This is a cover up of epic proportions that the media is afraid to cover. It is what they are NOT saying that concerns me, more than what they are...were.

Sadly we have/are spoon feed misinformation.

Residents made to sign a disclosure etc,etc.

This is not the platform to go in to such things in depth Brian.

I could write a treatise.

The speed of the 'rap' is perhaps, sadly it's undoing... Such a vast amount of information in just a few mins.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 17th Nov 2019 18:18

Well Po, Grenfell was a tragedy...nobody denies that. But I can't quite see the point you are trying to make as you've singled out just one religion, cast doubt on the numbers killed, and questioned the honesty of the media.

Surely the real questions are all about the cladding...since without it the 'stay put' policy would have been successful.


Sun 17th Nov 2019 16:43

Sad, crazy n troubles my mind, so many unanswered many circling why's in mind.
Thanks for bringing this before all.
May their souls rest in peace n may they be blessed with paradise as their eternal home without any judgment.. By the will of God almighty.

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