(Letter One).

Dear Sir, we have to tell you sadly

you’ve been eating rather badly

your blood tests have confirmed it

which means you might walk wobbly.

The cream cakes and the scones must

go, and pies and custard tarts – instead

consider dieting and read about the arts.

So please make an appointment – alas

there’s no known ointment, to save you

from the cart. (Signed: Dr Brown)


(Letter Two – Received 3 days later).

Dear Sir, Doctor Brown has passed

away, and Doctor Green takes over.

The new GP reviews your case and

likes to tell you gladly – no need for

an appointment, or dowse yourself

in ointment – but says it inter alia to

pass his love to Thalia, now living

in Australia (I think it’s close to

Hillbilly’s – accessible by pathways

not far from Poet Matthews who

lives on Kangaroo stews, with a glass

or two of Fosters believe it if you

choose) – but as for sweetheart Thalia

she likes to wear regalia and fill her

plate with Brussel sprouts so she

can serenade  you and waft away

the blues. We heard it on Oz news.

(Signed: Dr Green)


(Letter Three – A week Later.)

Dear Sir, Doctor Green has passed

away, no GPs left to have their say.

 – our NHS no longer pay – alas the

world a duller grey.

(Signed: Breaking News)




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Don Matthews

Sat 16th Nov 2019 21:34

Very good Philipos

I passed the news on to Thalia. She is very glad you still think of her and is always telling me how grateful she is of the bus tour of WOL you organized for all the muses. You must have had an effect as a 'travel agent' as I have noted muses popping up in WOLers poetry every now and again. You must be pleased.

You will also be pleased (as will Mae) that Thale and I are getting on like a house on fire often walking up the street (not hand in hand - yet) to our LMS Back Room at Hillbillys to organize the next rollercoaster ride. They were out of brussel sprouts the last time we were there and kangaroo stew is too expensive at the moment.

We're clinking your good heath as we speak, Thale with her china teacup and me with my cappuccino .....


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Paul Sayer

Sat 16th Nov 2019 17:09

Brilliant stuff.

Just what the doctors ordered.


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