thoughts of  Saoirse

I have no words

to express the happiness

you brought to me


in quiet moments

in a wooded glade

dappled by sunlight

threading oaky leaves

remembering, remembering,

those pleasant days

we thought could never end


but ended anyway


a cluster of butterflies

stitching the air

pauses its tapestry,

motionless, freezing

an endless instant


then resumes


I lie contented,  

wondering if one was you.

and the rest, perhaps,

angelic friends?


a songbird

from exalting on a branch

glides across the sky


you used to flow into a room

weaving smoothly through the throng

unnoticed by any but me

yours was a quiet serenity.


I stand

dropping pebbles in ‘our’ canal

gazing at reflections

in the wavelets

the stones are making


are you here beside me?

or behind, me?


a Lazarus houseboat

rising from the lock

passes unhurried

swans at swim


its weekend captain 

sporty in a captain’s cap

waves, salutes, calls,

‘lovely day we’re having!’


I nod, ‘hello’

I wish it was you -

it isn’t you



dear tender darling,


for all the joys

you brought to me

I have no words,


no words,

but these.














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