The world now seems unreal to me

Australia burns - the ice melt sea

comeuppance time it's bound to be

and shrouds will beckon to us then

beware your fate of Armageddon I

overhear from men who push the pen

as if they wish it all on everyone

begone, begone, begone, I say, our world

survives us everyone - so come what may

athough we need a prompt or two as cut

backs are well overdue, as nature will rebel

it's true - and land us in a sulphurous brew,

this fate foreseen in witches cauldrons too.

Alas this ending surely will not ever do






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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Nov 2019 22:05

Thanks Tom. Understood - albeit that land glacier melt will, to
a degree, be absorbed by the land itself. The part played by the
almighty sun seems to be oddly downplayed, even unmentioned,
despite its "forever and ever amen" effect on the Earth's weather patterns, not least the great ocean storms far from mankind's
industrial intrusions.

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Tue 12th Nov 2019 16:42

Ice bergs melting won’t raise sea levels (although the water water is likely to effect other weather systems).

It’s the melting on on-land glaciers which will pour more water into the seas. The loss of white (reflective) land will mean the earth’s surface absorbs more sunlight and will raise global temperatures.

Hope that helps!

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Nov 2019 14:19

Theme for the times.
Question: If an iceberg has its weight and dimensions accommodated by the ocean, what difference will its melt make to the ocean?

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