Mum and 2 cute Asian daughters

board the 91 bus at Woking

(the latter both under age 6)

both girls turn looking around.

The words: ‘Mummy, Mummy,’

speaks the eldest curious child

‘One of the girls at school said

something to me today, and she

called me names in the break’.

Oh did she, says mum continuing

to look out of the bus window but

without reacting to the words.

Yes said the curious child, she

called me, ‘Poopie Head’ at which

Mum’s face turns a bright red,

as the rest of us await a response

After the pay load is dropped off

there is a noticeably short silence

packed with a pregnant atmosphere

as the child continues. ‘Mummy what

is poopie head. What does it mean?

All ears attune for the reply.



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Brian Maryon

Mon 11th Nov 2019 17:54

I've never left it. I don't refer to any of my neighbours by name when talking to my family. So we've got...
* Norma Stits
* Tina don't you be meaner
* Bandsaw Barry
* Mick never misses a trick
*Motorbike Johnny
* Fat Kazza and her children Baldy Driveblocker and Tubby Leese

God only knows what they call me!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 11th Nov 2019 16:11

So -what is a poopie head? Don't know, sorry. But it sounds like a
child is learning that the world isn't all candy floss and comfort zones.
Being tall and thin, I had the nickname "pitprop". What child
doesn't go through that sort of thing? Kids are noted for the speed
with which they use visible characteristics to tease others.

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Martin Elder

Mon 11th Nov 2019 10:38

You have got me wanting to know the reply. very intriguing and also fairly indicative of the way society is today.
Nice one

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