Faking it

Faking it

Pretending is just play acting

You know that it’s not real

However good you at it you are

How passionate you’re Zeal


It can be fun of that I’m sure

And I would not decry

Why men will do the strangest things

Between a women’s thighs


Faking it can be fun

I suppose, up to a point

It all depends upon

The persona you appoint


Women are much better

Than the average man

Because of their experience

There on their divan


Hoping for a climax

Before the session ends

Prematurely disembarking

That’s why they must pretend



all the world's a stagePo

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Mon 11th Nov 2019 18:24


The real deal indeed.
I love your avatar BTW.

Thanks for your llke

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Mon 11th Nov 2019 17:53

Hi Do

I was of course fully aware, and knew well your reasons.

I have put a very brief note on my profile that goes some way to explain why I had some time out.

I am happy to say that my health is as near perfect as it has been in many a year.

It is great to be back in the fold.

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Mon 11th Nov 2019 08:55

My like is not a fake... 😃

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Sun 10th Nov 2019 17:30

Thanks for the likes guys..


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