Why write out loud?

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Why write out loud?
Can what we write make a difference?
If so, do our words have any lasting impact?
The reality in part......
Yet as in the media.... words are here today, mostly forgotten tomorrow. 
Disposable thoughts.
Sound bites blown on the wind. 
Always moving on.
Looking for something new.
Something organic. Pure, Something for the intellectual crew.
Time to be true?

The truth is unfashionable. 
It interferes with the fun and the frivolity. 
Nevertheless, the truth will set us free.
Although I’m sure many prefer captivity. 
Yet to live without significance or relevance.
Is surely missing the point on the grandest scale?
Something deeper, something more real... unfortunately doesn’t have mass appeal. 

So, back to the writing.
In the hope of breaking through.
It’s not who’s wrong or who’s right.
We just need to fight.
For those who we forget or disregard. 
Those that find life so very hard.
In the hope of redressing the inequality.
To get some balance to all the atrocity.
Not to preach 
Just to reach.
The outer limits and more.
Something worth fighting for.

The incessant reality......
Of who can change this fucked up mess?
As always, the apathetic mind sets.
And then, It’s all just fanciful thinking I’m afraid. 
Just pie in the sky ......hopes again delayed.
Perhaps in these uncertain times we should do more than write out loud?




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Robert holyland

Sun 10th Nov 2019 09:32

Thanks for your kind, encouraging words.

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Sun 10th Nov 2019 09:11

Well R you are the fulcrum always remember that my friend.

Some words are etched forever, others blow away with the slightest wiff of a breeze... or like words inscribed on the shore gone at the next turn of the tide.

The truth is eternal

whomever puts it out there...

by whatever means

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