West Street Citadel where

Salvationists enjoy evensong

under Booths unifying logo

Bandsmen are attired in their

Corporate outfits espousing

Blood, Fire and Brimstone.

Musicians dress in white shirts

Navy serge, and various insignia.

Woodwinds harmonising with the

gathering of songsters. There is a

noticeable spirit-filled congregation

and novice females follow in under a

processional banner having signed their

articles of war against the devil. All is

witnessed by Major McKnight who:

explains the small print to the promised

land newbies – all witnessed by a single

mum whose new born guzzles at her

bared boob by a wooden side bench.

Apparently the citadel were celebrating

their first decade of existence. But having

flipped through my hymnal, I notice an

inscription on the inside of my song book.

Presented to Wisbech Corps, in memory of

Fanny Large 1990. You couldn’t make it up.



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