Fields of Glory ( young hearts )

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Young hearts.
Willing spirit. 
The call to arms.

Cruel skies.
Bombs thundering.

Swallowing souls.
An alien landscape.

Wounds running.
Hurts deeper than pain.

Ensnaring limbs.
Still life.

Dirt smearing.
Cutting, ripping.

Wind driving.
Heroes dying.

It was betrayal.

The men in power.
Quite safe.
Well behind lines.

Staying clear
Nowhere near.
A young heart’s fear.

Lost on these fields of glory. 



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Sun 10th Nov 2019 09:13

Respect Robert

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Don Matthews

Sat 9th Nov 2019 14:27

But if I led my troops in battle
My shoes would get all dirty
Could even get a surface scratch
And that would be real hurty

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 9th Nov 2019 14:06

History tells us that in the past those making the play for power were
to be found with their troops, leading the way on the battlefield.
I wonder whether we shouldn't adopt that custom again.

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Don Matthews

Sat 9th Nov 2019 13:06

Boys dying mid blood and gore
While generals play their game
Boys they are just pawns,(that's all)
Generals just want fame

Ghazala Lari

Sat 9th Nov 2019 05:31

Sorry state of affairs. The authorities who sign the war commands should be leaders on field, fighting the war. But such cowards allow only the young, poor souls to die n themselves hide behind safer doors.
Great write!! Such a smack on the face of those who are cowardly heroic behind the scenes.

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