president Chirac

President Jacques Chirac

Was laid to rest today and with him

The Europe we loved, the civility and elegance.

Democracy and decency when Paris

pulsed with life.

These days one has to get to the regions

To meet the real French

Paris has been taken over by foreign tongues

Whose demands are not French but

Adoption of the life they lived on

The hinterland, say Pakistan or Algeria

The hope they would integrate and become

Real Parisian was a dream too far.

We have to accept that the old ways are over

Moreover, who knows? It might be better.


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Hannah Collins

Fri 8th Nov 2019 19:14

''The civility and elegance''

Just adore Paris. It still has that creative magic for many.


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Graham Sherwood

Fri 8th Nov 2019 17:31

There are really heavyweight tones beneath this piece Jan.
I would never had said that Paris was the real France, in the same way that London does not illustrate England well.
What is universal is that when immigrants arrive in a country (from any origin) they cannot help but foist their issues onto it.
When I visit a country, I avoid doing the same and enjoy it for what it is.
I think there is a surface to be scratched here.

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