Rotting Pumpkins

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9 million Pumpkins...
In wind and rain.
Abandoned to cold nights.
Slow decay.
A waste.
Food grown. Food thrown .
People hungry.
As the Pumpkins go mouldy. 
Such craziness.
Queuing at food banks.
Trick or treat.... no thanks.

Christmas delights.
Soon outshine Pumpkin lights.
Another chance to waste some more.
Do we ever stop to ask what for?
In a this land of plenty.
Is it wise to forget the homeless, the needy?
Having fun.....  what’s it worth?
A mockery of the hunger that inflicts the earth?
Madness. Utter madness.






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Don Matthews

Fri 8th Nov 2019 03:26

Poets record things as they happen. They won't change the world.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 7th Nov 2019 22:40

Agreed Robert...we should use plastic ones instead.

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Thu 7th Nov 2019 19:00

Hello Robert...and you Keith.

I feel we need a platform for 'getting this kind of insight' out to the masses.

I have found this site great for reading others comments and of course their poetry.

I often send mates and people a link to this site.

The number of 'likes' we receive is perhaps not a good indicator of how good a poem is.

This one Robert is great!

Keith you my friend are one of the posters here who comment on others poetry, It is shame that more members don't always take the time to comment let alone hit that little flower. 🌷

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Robert holyland

Thu 7th Nov 2019 18:48


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keith jeffries

Thu 7th Nov 2019 18:48


A poem written from the heart of a philosopher, one who draws conclusions which are not popular but devastatingly true.

Thank you for this as it comes at a time of year when it needs to be read out loud.


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