The way we were

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The way we were

Once your constant companion

I was always, there at your side

Now you lay there all alone

Under your covers you hide

I watch you through my eyes

Stitched open, made of glass

I see all your pain

The hurt, from your past


Your tiny hands used to grasp

Holding me close to you, so tight

Back then we would cuddle

Right through the night

My soft tiny paws, stroking your face

Wiping away your tears

Sadly, lost is your childhood

So short were those years



lost childhoodPo

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Paul Sayer

Sat 9th Nov 2019 18:56

Vautaw thank you so much for shearing your memory.

Poetry is such a wonderful and powerful medium to rekindle memories


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Sat 9th Nov 2019 04:48

Great memory trigger Po! Reminds me of overnights with my best friend in high school. We would douse her teddy in Everest cologne so we could cuddle it all night and dream of our crushes. Good times. Thanks for this beautiful and engaging poem❣️

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Randy Horton

Thu 7th Nov 2019 20:52

This is poignant for me in ways you could not have intended, but thank you.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 7th Nov 2019 16:43

Hi Emilia
Thank you for dropping in and commenting.

My Granddaughter, whom I referred to, in Keith's reply below, is called Emilia also.

I look forward to reading some of your poetry

Emilia Callahan

Thu 7th Nov 2019 13:36

Thanks for sharing this - it really touched my heart. I still sleep with my teddy bear too.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 6th Nov 2019 23:30

Bang on the money Don
Telling it how it is!

Me and my teddy

Me and my Teddy bear
got no money
got no fears

Me and my Teddy bear
we play and play all day

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Don Matthews

Wed 6th Nov 2019 22:02

I'm tiny Timmy teddy bear
There's not much of us left
I sit on top of no-one's bed
Of love I am bereft

We used to be abundant
But threatened now we are
Robbie Robot's took our place
Also Rocket Car

Vrooooom vroooooom bloody vroooooom vroooooooom
Vrooooooom Exterminate!
They want to kill our species
They want to seal our fate

They do not care about us
They want more modern toys
Throw us in the dumpster
They want to us destroy

All they care about today
Is money, more, and greed
Want a new one, throw the 'new'
We're a dying breed

Why am I getting upset
Writing bear's sellout ?
Cause poetry's designed my friend
To bring emotions out......

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Paul Sayer

Wed 6th Nov 2019 20:34

Hello Jon
If you were a teddy, you would have to be Sooty

Whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

What was that Sooty?

I agree, yes. Loud and clear

It's great to be back, thank you!

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Paul Sayer

Wed 6th Nov 2019 20:29

What are teddy's for Do, if not for cuddling and confiding in?

Thank you as always for being my surrogate VR teddy

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Paul Sayer

Wed 6th Nov 2019 20:24

Hello Tom

I have been on sabbatical and am so pleased to see new friends commenting on my poetry and as well as old friends.

There are no such things as strangers, only friends I have not met yet.

I adore sentimentality.... The more mawkishness I find appearing in my poetry.

I do need to balance the ying and yan.

Some of my doggerel can be a tad on the dark side.

Thank you for dropping in

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Paul Sayer

Wed 6th Nov 2019 20:17

Keith, Keith, Keith as Christmas rapidly approaches, imagine the boundless joy of receiving your very first Teddy Bear.

Teddy's are for life!

Magical in essence, a constant source of rekindling our memories.

I brought one for my Granddaughter, she unwrapped it and dropped it with paper. To unwrap the next present, and so the process went on...... Year upon year upon year.

My wonderful son and his fantastic wife is killing her childhood with kindness and mind alternating and shifting little 'ELFs'

Are the days of the long held Teddy lost.
Are they becoming yet another endangered species?

Thank you Keith for your continued support, encouragement and inspiration.


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keith jeffries

Wed 6th Nov 2019 19:28


a poem to touch the heart. I had a turqoise panda instead of a traditional teddy and he remains with me to this day and I am 71 years. He is called Sebastian and sits on my pillow during the day. I could not be without him
Thanks for this superb reminder of such joy


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Wed 6th Nov 2019 19:17

I am a sentimental soul and I loved this. Thanks for sharing. T

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