Dream invasion

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Closing down.
Heading out of town.
Homeward to bed.
Not driving, walking instead.

I crawl under covers.
Not a scene for lovers.
Shutting eyes...
Drifting, expecting your lies.

And soon you come.
Accusing me of all I’ve done.
A spiteful intrusion. 
This dream is just illusion.

Its twisted within my head
I cannot control where I am led.
You’re calling the shots tonight.
I’m praying that it’ll soon be light.

Yet as I follow, the vision fragments.
A crazy series of altered events.
Where you run away with my mind.
A million paths, but no way home can I find.

And soon I start to believe it’s true.
That I’m stuck here eternally with you.
Unable to run, to get away.
Please don’t say what you’re about to say.

I am stripped. I am bare.
Blistered, part boiled without care.
You’ve got me. I have to admit.
There seems no way out of it.

I’m looking for any kind of salvation.
There’s no escaping this dream invasion. 
So, this sleep then will be endless.
Your love, if that what it is, will be merciless......




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keith jeffries

Wed 6th Nov 2019 17:41


I am intrigued by this poem especially the source of the intrusion. So very well rhymed and thought provoking.


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