White Knuckle Ride

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Gripping white knuckle ride!


Screammmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

From the long slow clanking chain ride to the top

Looking skywards, leaning back further, till almost horizontal

At the summit, all time stands still.

An eternity, lost in a flash

Down, down, down, facing the bowels of hell

Thundering, silently, swiftly, ever closer

Last on... Now at the top

Freeze my gaze at the back of so many heads

Everybody’s hair, flowing swiftly towards me

Following, helpless at the mercy of gravity and gravitas

Solemnness, mirthless, faceless. I follow them.




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Don Matthews

Mon 4th Nov 2019 22:57

Well dash it Thale, that's our roller coaster! Yes Don, you built it pretty strong to accomodate all the increasing numbers of LMers you're inviting into the park.

And that's the exit gate we had to drop one member at Thale Got roller sickness. Yes, pity about that Don.

Oh well, on with the show Thale.......


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