Don't cross the line

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Don’t Cross The Line

There is something wrong here, there is no denying
So many of our youth, daily are dying
Stabbed with a blade, with malicious intent
Blead out on the ground, lay under our tent

A blue and white tape, flaps in the breeze
That cordons off a crime scene. There on their knees
The forensic officer has seen it countless times before
Another family destroyed, by a knock on their door

The country lines” uttered, like staccato percussion
This then for certain, is the sad repercussion
Another ‘case’ of déjà vu, unfolds within the cordon
Of the taped off white and blue.


Inspired by recent events. October 2019

County linesdrugsgreiflossmurderstabbing


White Knuckle Ride ►


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Paul Sayer

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 17:21

Hi Jon

A missing person... Found!

I have never been far away my friend.
Thanks for the like.


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Paul Sayer

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 16:41

I am at a loss to find an answer Martin.

I find that poetry helps me understand the futility of my poetry
Until I see this...

An excellent poem Po!

Thank you, Martin.

Not so much for the accolade, moreover knowing it engendered a response and an understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 16:29

M C Thank you, my old mucker. Its good to be back.

You say ‘A society gets the youth it deserves"
I feel you are right, and so wrong in equal measures.
I do not intend to be duplicitous, however both standpoints are, true.

Often young offenders are given a lenient sentence. Do-gooders say we need to help them. Chastisement does not help them. They are right, and they are wrong also.

Our penal system is useless as a deterrent. As the numbers of reoffenders give us ample evidence.

Often, it is in these very environments they hone their craft and make connections that on the ‘outside’ become invaluable in their ‘chosen’ career, as a career criminal.

The epitome of ‘Hobson’s choice.’

Mum, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, friends, all to often find it unbelievable their son, daughter, sister brother, is yet another ‘innocent victim’ whose life was cut short by such evil people.

When their door opens, this response is ‘normal’ to the ever-growing uncharacteristic behaviour of the now dearly loved deceased.

No family ever deserves this!

...” Know this - all thugs rely upon
Appeasement and the nerve that's gone!

So sad, and so true, and so little understood!
Great insight M C

Thank you.


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Martin Elder

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 15:23

This is such an all to familiar tale of society trying to pick up the broken razor sharp pieces in an effort to put them back together with sticky tape
An excellent poem Po

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 15:16

Back with a bang - and timely too!
A society gets the youth it deserves. We have tried to be "all things
to all men" by becoming too accommodating and too forgiving
towards the demands and excuses that have come to haunt life nowadays.
Know this - all thugs rely upon
Appeasement and the nerve that's gone!

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Paul Sayer

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 14:24

Keith I am certain you have had to censure yourself and your thoughts throughout most of your life my friend.

The children who have had their childhoods and innocence ripped away by insidious dealers are now so often the perpetrators themselves of the most heinous crimes.

Trapped in a lifestyle they can not escape from, for the real fear of speaking out.

I pray we see an age where people can speak, and act out against the preconceptions that fear has any power over their choice to be different and speak out about oppression whatever the source.

Although small in numbers Keith, we do make a difference because we dare!

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keith jeffries

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 13:52


A good and topical poem. I think I belong to a minority these days in dealing with such violent crime whether it is perpetrated by criminal thugs or terrorists. I am almost afraid to speak out lest I fall under a deluge of angry criticism.
Well done and thank you

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Paul Sayer

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 11:12

Thank you Robert and Do

Sadly it is far more widespread than most people are aware.
Until it hits home. Right on YOUR doorstep!
In some cases literally.

Just doing my job Do, Just doing my job.

BTW: Its good to back

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