All will be dust.

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Searing winds scar the landscape.
This hell kills whoever enters.
A no man’s land, barren for many years.
So, hide your eyes....
Nothing here for us, no happy endings.
Only death and treachery await.

Rust and dust corrode the skin.
Many fools are taken in.
The lure of riches, tempting. 
Precious metal such an evil trap.
Drawn like magpies.
All that glitters, is not gold.
Some truths just have to be told.

Under the radar......
Black magic conjures self-importance. 
The devil may know how to pull your strings.
Deception creeping like poison ivy.
Beware to never dare to take the promise of all knowledge. 
Be careful just what you wish for.
Unhappy the man who knows the day of his death......

And die we will of course.
Isn’t it better though to believe in longevity?
More than the mere carbon of flesh and bone.
More solid than ash...
A deeper entity of something higher than this.
Much more than the organics on sale in an atheist guide book. 
Hope for more?

The wind continues savagely.
Ripping wounds wide open.
The misery of dying slowly.
In hopelessness. 
Fools wander. Blinded.
Their gold will not secure life.
Its very nature is temporary. 
Dust will avenge the folly of flesh.




◄ Deluge.

The End without You. ►


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Robert holyland

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 13:54

Keith / Po.
Thanks for the comments.
Much appreciated.

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keith jeffries

Sun 3rd Nov 2019 13:43


This is masterly stuff, profound and filled with truth. You have composed a script which will stand the test of time. I take my hat off to you.

Thank you

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Sun 3rd Nov 2019 12:52

.... "more than the organics on sale in an atheist guide book."

What a line to ponder and conjure a better way.


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