To forget me.

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Sometimes a silence prevails. 
I think over and over.
Within my mind I want to scream at you.
But no answers and no questions have I to convey.
Turn your eyes.
Look away, please don’t look back.
Release this hold, let me be.
Forget me....
All about me.

Ignorance is my secret weapon. 
Thinking that’s the way to live.
Hurt me, kill me, do something!
The why is burning, always burning
Avert your gaze.
Disconnect all your concern.
Relinquish ownership of me.
Please, please forget me.
.......All about me.

And the day will be cold.
The sun will sit low in my expectations. 
Confusion will twist and taunt.
Warmth is absent without a note.
Hide your face so I can’t find you.
Be elusive, a shimmer, nothing solid.
Then I can believe that you don’t exist. 
I won’t then have to pretend.
That you love me and I am free.
Forget me.
All about me.

Into the abyss I fall.
Deeper and further.
A blackness to wrap my soul.
Burning gloom ...... coming soon.
Oh my God if I could find a valid reason.
A reason to be.
Too late.
Too little effort.
My wishes, my Hopes and fears.
Gone, drowned in a sea of depression.
So please go and don’t do.
Fade into the shade.
Leave this soul.
Forget me. All about me.

Ending it now. Same old story. 
Avert your gaze. Look away.
Disconnect all your concern for me.
Relinquish ownership of me.
Please, please forget me.
.......All about me.
There’s nothing to see.

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Robert holyland

Fri 1st Nov 2019 14:30

Thanks for reading. R

Ghazala Lari

Fri 1st Nov 2019 12:05

with these words i am sure it won't take long ....... lolz!! heart wrenching piece!!

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