Horses and Castles

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I wish you horses and castles, royalty and peace 

But you’ll just move forward, into defeat 

The pawns are the masters, and they are the slaves.. they

Allow the king and queen, on board to play 

Without which the game, would not be the same 

Without which, who, would take all the blame? 

Working and striving, for a better life 

Blood sweat and tears, and still we fight 

But the chess board is mapped, with limited manoeuvres 

And us pawns can not afford, robotic Uber’s 

Dream of that life, on the other side 

Transform a pawn to a king, but most of them died

Dreaming of green grass, on the other side 

Dream of horses and castles.. but they all lied 

The path is not as easy, as they make you believe 

The path has it certain, that most of us bleed 

The path is paved gold, for those that have greed 

The path would be pathless, without the pawn to deceive. 


Throw rocks at the castles, and steal all their horses, 

Defy the rules, and move through the forces, 

Move from black to the white, and stand still and fight 

As if you transformed, into royal delight

Moving forward blindly, has not served us pawns before 

Turn your head, the past you’ll see, and the colour of the floor 

Only then, will War and greed, win this game of chess, no more. 



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