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Who are you?

and where are you going?

What is your purpose? 

Are you all knowing?

Always here, always near,

every breath I shared with you.

I spent my life right by your side, 

and still I do not know you.

Time, are you just a 

fragment of my mind?

Something we made up 

because our senses make us blind?

Can we not comprehend 

the whole eternity?

Will you release these ropes? 

At the end will we be free? 

Will we be warped 

into a different dimension? 

Whereby you disappear 

and become the exemption?

Or are you the rational 

factuel part of life?

The beginning always means 

an ending is in site..

Nothing lasts forever, 

in this material realm 

If the truth met us here 

would we be overwhelmed?

The intangible gives me meaning,

and it gives me purpose.

The truth lies beneath 

all that we can see upon the surface.

Inside our atoms, 

the energy flows strong.

I believe we will go back,

to wherever that came from. 

Tiny black holes 

of teleportation

Transports our consciousness 

into a different dimension.

And only then will we know,

all that there truly is to know.

Only then we will understand 

that you reap just what you sow.

Purely hypothetical 

because I’m just a human being.

I try to communicate 

all that my mind is seeing.

But words don’t do it justice 

I see time in artistic ways 

We’re all imprisoned inside our bodies,

it’s truly just a phase.

In this world everything you see 

is destined to fall and perish.

And yet still we have humanistic 

moments we all so dearly cherish.

Love is infinite 

and it never dies.

Love always wins 

when time says goodbye. 

The epiphany of life 

will greet us at the end

The end is the beginning 

where nothing ever ends. 

So time, I thank you for this life, 

and all of which we’ve shared.

All of which was broken,

you helped us to repair.

But when you disappear, 

and leave our souls in peace.

That’s when all our healing,

will truly be complete. 

The world has it all backwards, 

For it is not who we are that dies 

When our bodies perish

It is time that says goodbye. 

We go back to a realm that has 

no concept of that word 

Nothing like any place 

that you or they have heard 

By the sword, peace will come

When death claims the last one 

The last laugh and tear,

The last I love you this earth will hear

The last gasp

The last breath 

Only then will time face 

its inevitable death.








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