Not meant to be ?

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The simplistic view.
Looking around. Eyes searching. 
Nothing new.
Many victims.
A world askew. 
Coming undone. Double standards.
Pleasure for the few......
Left out to dry.
This is nothing new.
Facing the harsh truth.
Hungry? Join the queue.
Life is cold. Often lonely.
How’s it for you?
Not what was intended......
Is this what it’s coming to?


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Brian Maryon

Mon 21st Oct 2019 19:25

Perhaps a sizeable minority Keith, but from what I can see around me in my part of the world the majority of people are working and more than keeping their heads above water judging from the lifestyles they lead featuring foreign holidays, cars, eating out, takeaways. Drinking, smoking/ vaping, shopping, expensive mobile phone contracts, etc etc etc.

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keith jeffries

Mon 21st Oct 2019 18:33


Thank you for this poem as I believe it expresses what the majority of people now think about their existence with the exception of a few who are too privileged to notice or care.


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