Postcards seemed a clumsy way to connect
Big pictures dominating our conversations
Your messages visible to the world
But strangely veiled to me
You wrote vanilla words
Limited by space and the chance that others might read them
Never one for convention
You would number your postcards and send a bunch at once
You scrawled the story of your travels in serial
Unable to hide that your mind strayed to me while you were gone.
Were you inviting me to have vision beyond words and Big Sky pictures?
What did you want me to see?
What conclusion should I draw when neither words nor pictures tell the story?
Nothing said. Everything said.
I popped the postcards on the fridge, closed my eyes and felt you near.


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Don Matthews

Wed 16th Oct 2019 14:42

Ray it was a litter bin
Some dropout picked it out
Attached it to a carrier pigeon
(Pigeon knew your route)

You'd never see it again if it was a letterbox......😎

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Rose Casserley

Wed 16th Oct 2019 14:26

Fabulous enough to make me shout MORE PLEASE!

Rose 💋

Emilia Callahan

Tue 15th Oct 2019 20:56

This poem is wonderful - thank you for sharing. My favorite line is "Big pictures dominate our conversations" - I know the poem is about postcards, which is a much more old-fashioned way of communicating in this day and age, but when I read this line, I couldn't help but think of Instagram and Twitter, for which this statement also holds true.

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Tue 15th Oct 2019 17:40

Vanilla words does it for me Kate. I still think wish you were here on a saucy postcard stands up well. Call me old fashioned.

I posted a card in New York once. I had doubts if it was a mailbox or a litter bin. 6 months later it turned up.


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Tue 15th Oct 2019 16:51

Yes there's an aching feel to this. The unspoken. A world glimpsed at. A relationship glimpsed at. Yet its in the past tense so I'm guessing done with which isn't a bad thing given the tone.

I like it!

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 15th Oct 2019 14:35

Don, My grand dad was a postman and I do love letter writing. Find me a postal address for you and I will definitely send you a postcard! Nice to hear that you and Kate still like the idea of letters.

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Kate G

Tue 15th Oct 2019 14:11

Hi Don, I couldn't agree more. Nothing like a letter.

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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Oct 2019 14:00

I would bring back the art of letter-writing Ruth. We've lost it.....

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 15th Oct 2019 13:23

I enjoyed this Kate. 'Nothing said. Everything said' is a great line. I used to collect postcards from around the world when I was a teenager and stick them on my bedroom wall. Even though messages inline took over there is something about physically having something from a place, that a certain person has touched and personally wrote. Words need to be so carefully chosen. Bring Back the humble postcard I say!

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Kate G

Tue 15th Oct 2019 11:42

Thanks Tom, it's interesting how inane things can say so much.

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Tue 15th Oct 2019 10:48

Wow, I love this Kate. Mysterious and yet so telling. The final line conjures up a perfect closing image. Someone used to send me postcards inside envelopes, they didn't say much, but I knew what they meant. Thanks for sharing. Tx

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