waiting for surgery

Waiting for heart surgery


Fun is over in the sleepless night

No more jokes about the seriousness of

My friend’s surgery.

it is a stark night the wind has stopped

The stillness overwhelms me

Perhaps he is awake thinking of the future

Or if he has any

Silent tears alone in a strange room so

Many regrets, plans he had that came to

No nothing.

Cold sweats on his brow his fear is palpable

He has not been so helpless, the thought of god

Enters his mind would a prayer help?

He pushes the thought away religion never

Meant anything for him, but in this dark hour

Of needs, he will do anything to be at ease.

Finally, he falls into a restless sleep, soon

It will be morning, providence will decide.


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Don Matthews

Fri 11th Oct 2019 14:14

This is good jan......

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Trevor Alexander

Fri 11th Oct 2019 13:33

Absolutely! My own was just for a pacemaker, but the haste with which the surgeon wanted to proceed led to all those thoughts and more. YOLO!

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