Even frogs like blogs

they bleat about them

in their alga bogs – it

isn’t like they have much

washing up to do they stew

around and take a dunk

or poo or catch a fly or two

with sticky tongues.

They like to croak a lot as

well and if near villages

they try to keep in tune

with chiming bells that

issue from the churches

tower – frogs don’t give a

hoot for wardens with their

snooty ways and glowering

looks, when looking up from

scriptural books – but if

frogs see a rook or sniff a

crook, they dive into darker

water parts like subs and

watch through periscopic eyes.

Frogs panic at the warning

sounds of geese or rooks,

and watch out warily scanning

upwards to the sky. I know

a lot about behavioural froggy

ways – I read about them

in the French cuisine book on

how to serve them up – when

gently cooked. (But please just

disregard that last remark

because I simply made it up).

Rivet, rivet, rivet, rivet, rivet.

Keep that noise turned down

you rowdy lot –Oh did I tell

about that princess who kissed

a frog that turned into a prince?

Well for sure - as to frogs and their

near cousins - toads, I do so now.

But toads see – there isn’t much

that seems to rhyme with them,

except when seeing them on roads

(Footnote – perhaps that guy

who sings Waltzing Matilda

from Down Under might have

something to say of it to Thalia)







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Don Matthews

Thu 10th Oct 2019 13:18

Our frogs down here are well-behaved
They eat their flies on plates
A serviette around their neck
(There's more to come Phil, wait)

Frog waiters hover round them
(You didn't know 'bout that?)
Your book behavioral froggie-stuff
No mention of dis, dat?

(You need to get hold of an Australian 'how-frogs-dine' book. We're very cultured down here. Thalia's vigorously nodding her head....) 😎

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 10th Oct 2019 12:59

Frogs write their blogs on Lilly Pads! 😉

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